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If you are a doctor or independent health professional, I encourage you to discover why my Discover Wellness Training is absolutely your fastest, easiest and most profitable way to…

Decrease your dependence on third party insurance reimbursement
Take control of your income and your future
Decrease your expense of staff time focused on fighting insurance companies for lower reimbursement
Grow your income by attracting a steady stream of new patients who willing to pay out of pocket for your services
Attract patients who are willing to become more self responsible for their health and not just focus on the quick fix
Dramatically increase your patient retention and compliance
Delegate or outsource ancillary services to others who can do better job than you can for much less cost than you can provide it

So if you're ready to start, please proceed to the next page where I reveal the how you can receive thousands of dollars worth of free bonus gifts and you will learn how you can receive lifetime of training, for an absurdly low price.

Click here now to Train with America's Top Wellness Centers and receive thousands of dollars in extra bonuses and free gifts.

If you're not yet ready to start training with America's top wellness doctors so that you can learn how to profitably transform your practice into the wellness center of your dreams than please continue reading about how you can achieve greater freedom, decrease dependence on insurance in 5 easy steps and begin to see results in as little as 90 days or less.

Read this First!

Before you read this online letter I want you to review the top 5 reasons you might NOT want to register for my Discover Wellness Training today.

The reason I'm doing this upfront is because I want to get your resistance out of the way upfront so you don't self-sabotage yourself by not taking action right now. So based on my research and experience working with hundreds of doctors, many who are just like you, here are the 5 most common reasons people have resistance…

Resistance Reason #1 "I don't know how I can profit from running a wellness center, because I'm not quite sure what a wellness doctor is supposed to be or what a wellness center is supposed to offer.

Jason's Response: Let's cut right to the chase here. You really don't have much of a choice but to figure out how you are going to evolve your business to become less stressful and more profitable. For most doctor's it's not a matter of if they are going to transform their practices, it's simply a question of how? Most doctor's practices are on the slow train toward bankruptcy unless they evolve their business model and adapt to today's changing economic times and evolving marketplace. Module #1 is focused specifically on sharing with you the new mindset of a successful wellness professional.

You don't have to be a doctor to know that natural law states, that a the human body that is unable to adapt to its' environment is a body that will live under constant stress and suffer early death. The same is true for your business. Adapt or suffer. It's up to you.

Come on, stop suffering and let us help you adapt. It's not as difficult as you may believe. Especially when you train with some of the Top Wellness Doctors in America. Would you like to learn how to thrive in the new health care economy with these experts?

Dr. Patrick Gentempo


Listen To Dr. Patrick

Dr. Brad Glowaki


Listen To Dr. Brad



Mark Victor Hansen

Co-Author of the "Chicken Soup For The Soup" Series



Resistance Reason #2 "I can't seem to attract enough new patients as it is, those who do come are already financially stretched to afford my care. Isn't offering other products and services going to mean they will have even less money to afford my care?"

Jason's Response: No, that's not what it means at all. In fact, it's just the opposite. Module #2 teaches you how to create a customer experience that attracts your ideal client. If you're looking to attract a steady stream of new patients than you must learn these time-tested proven secrets from some of the busiest wellness doctors in the America. Learn and implement just a few of these simple strategies and you will fall in love with helping people once again.

Learn time-tested proven secrets to attracting your ideal client from:

Dr. Josh Deitch


Listen To Dr. Josh


Dr. Kerry Keiser


Listen To Dr. Kerry



Resistance Reason #3 "I don't know what to do or where to begin."

Jason's Response: You know you're a great doctor and love helping people, but you never learned anything about running a business in school. For years it was simple, people come in, you help them, they feel better, you get paid. Now, it feels like all you're doing is working for a bunch of insurance companies.

Well, once again let me get straight to the point. If you keep doing what you've been doing, you are going to keep on getting more of the same (actually, it's going to get worse.)

Module #3 is focused on providing you with the simple step-by-step instructions on how you can become well known in your community as the "go to" doctor in town. You can learn the exact same systems and strategies that our doctors use to actually get paid to teach about what you do and what you offer. Imagine getting paid hundreds of dollars an hour to teach people about the services you provide.

This module will also teach you how you can reach out and touch more people faster, better and cheaper than any other method in the world today. Whether you want to become the most popular doctor in town, featured on TV and radio shows or you want to put your patient education on remote control, this module will teach you how to do it.

Not only will you learn what to do, you will also learn where to access the exact same tools and resources that the top wellness centers in America are using to exponentially expand their impact and their incomes.

Dr. Janice Hughes


Listen To Dr. Janice

Dr. Lee Wood


Listen To Dr. Lee


Resistance Reason #4 "I realize I have to do something different, but how in the world am I supposed to get my staff to change. I have a difficult enough time getting them to answer the phones properly and collect money at the front desk. It sometimes feels like it would be easier to climb Mt. Everest than it would be to train my staff to do things differently."

Jason's Response: We are well aware of this problem. Staff training was my single greatest nightmare in practice, so believe me I empathize with you. That's why we put as much information as we could into Module #4 which offers you the details of the office procedures from America's top wellness centers.

Our faculty is the best of the best and when I asked them to share with you their latest methods for running an efficient practice, they knew exactly how important it was for us to get this module right.

You and your staff will be able to listen to actual role playing of people's first visit, report of findings, progress evaluations and sample daily visits with doctors who are using these strategies day in and day out, getting great results.

These exact scripts are being used by our faculty of practicing doctors in their practices each and every day and are achieving great results. It's fool proof, you can't mess it up. Really, you can't. You will love our innovative Easy Learning Technology that allows you have exactly the information you want, whenever you want it, just a click away. You and your team can listen to each segment over and over until you get it just the way you want it.

Dr. Miles Bodzin


Listen To Dr. Miles


Resistance Reason #5 "I don't have the clinical certainty to run a wellness center."

Jason's response: Many doctors I know, believe they lack the clinical skillset to be able to grow their practices beyond their specific training. They hold themselves back because they believe that nobody's work or ethics are as good as theirs are and they are afraid of not being perfect.

The fact is that you can now learn from the top wellness doctors in America, actually I should probably say in the entire world. Did I mention to you that Dr. Jeff Spencer is on our faculty? Dr. Spencer was Lance Armstrong's chiropractor and worked with him during all 7 Tour de France competitions.

I've spoken to Jeff at length about this exact subject and he believes that this is the single most important issue that holds doctors back from becoming wellness doctors. That's why I asked Jeff, you might say I begged Jeff, to share with us his insiders secrets on what he knows makes him the very best in the world.

It's probably pretty obvious that Lance Armstrong could work with any doctor he wants to and if someone wasn't getting the job done, they would never be invited back. Yet, Jeff was Lance's doctor for 7 Tour de France competitions and Lance won ALL 7. That's amazing.

Who else would want to learn from? Just mentioning to people that you're training with Lance Armstrong's personal chiropractor will attract new patients to you. It's a massive credibility builder.

Are you worried that if you were to make changes to your practice, you may find yourself in the uncomfortable situation of not knowing something? Lack of clinical certainty is one of the greatest killer of dreams.

"The only things worth learning are the things you learn after you know it all." - Harry S. Truman

Dr. Richard Perryman


Listen To Dr. Richard


Dear Colleague,

I'd like for you to imagine something for a moment…

I'd like for you to imagine looking at your appointment screen and seeing it filled with names of people you think are just terrific. People you in fact look forward to seeing and serving.


That your staff is happy, organized and efficient,
anticipating  your every need, answering clients every question.
That you are free from the bureaucrazy of insurance carriers and free from administrative clerks requesting your records, questioning your justification for people's care.
That you never have to think about how much things cost because you can afford whatever you want.
Ending each and every month with financial surplus you enthusiastically accumulate with the pride of knowing that your abundance is a reflection of the invaluable service you provide to others.
Knowing that you have positively impacted hundreds, perhaps thousands of people's lives by inspiring them to enjoy the benefits of better health through better living.
Being recognized for your generosity and sincere compassion to help others.
You had the peace of mind to be able to not only be fully present with your family and loved ones but to be able to create experiences you dreamed of as a child.
Being so grateful for the many gifts you enjoy in your life that you have an abundance of passion to share with the love of your life.
This is you.

Now I'm not going to tell you that you can achieve all of that with no effort in no time, what I am going to tell you is that I have a strong feeling that what you are doing now is in the exact opposite direction of what we just so peacefully imagined.

There is a real strong chance that you look at your appointment screen and see gaping holes that need to be filled.

When you are busy, things feel so chaotic and frenetic that you wish people would stop coming in so you can finally get some work done.

It is more than likely that you've had pretty consistent staff turnover so you rarely feel like your making progress because of consistently trying to bring someone up to speed on the basics.

Those staff members who have stayed are probably holding you hostage because only they really know the extent of how everything works. The thought of having to find someone to come in and takeover feels like the closest thing to standing naked in the arctic. A pain so bad you'd never willingly inflict it upon yourself.

There's a high likelihood that you have a stack of files with boiler plate denial letters from administrative assistants requesting your records, notes and evidence of medical necessity in order for them to pay you half of what they used to for the same set of services. You are reminded everyday that you are working for a company that is not in the paying benefits business they are in the denial of claims business. Insurance companies do not make money by paying out claims, they make money by denying them.

You play the game because that's the way you've always played it. Yet slowly but surely, what used to feel like change every several years has become change every few months.

In fact, there's a good chance you don't really know how much you are even being reimbursed any more. What you do know is that what used to cost people a $10-$25 co-payment is no costing them double or more.

It's pretty likely that your either you charge your reasonable and customary fees making your care cost-prohibitive to those required to pay out of their own pocket or just the opposite perhaps your fees undervalue your true worth and what people would in fact be willing to pay you.

I'm thinking it's more than likely the case that you struggle making care plan recommendations you really believe someone should hear because of your fear they won't get started if they really knew how much care you think they need or perhaps you're not sure how much care they need so you struggle with your constant uncertainty.

You're probably pretty well known in town as the one who can crack your back and make you feel better but only a few of your bedrock clientele truly appreciate what you do and why you do it. And even they are struggling finding the time and money to stay consistent with their care.

It just seems as you get older and older, life gets tougher and tougher. As more people struggle to prioritize their limited time and scarce financial resources it impacts your business causing even more stress in your world.

You may have financial security from years of wise investing but you have lost your love of the game or you recently graduated with six figures in student loans, no savings and little investment capital. You're either too scared to go it alone or you're at it alone and too scared to make a mistake and fall without a net.

Some of you are just stuck in your routine doing the same old thing over and over and others of you are constantly searching for "the" method you can finally be satisfied with.

Ultimately, it's probably affecting your relationships, with your family, loved ones and spouse. Worst of all it's affecting your relationship with yourself. You probably look back every once in a while and wonder what happened? How did I end up here? This isn't what I signed up for. Stop, can I get off? How about a do-over?

Imagine that, a do-over. Imagine you could have an opportunity to do-it-over? What then? What if? What if you could make a few new decisions that would change everything for you? What would you do if you could?

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

Plain and simple, if you were starting in practice today, knowing what you know now would you be doing what you are doing? Or would you be looking forward and anticipating the trends coming our way and come to the conclusion that what was successful in the past will not be successful in the future. Just because it did work doesn't mean it's going to work. It's time for a do-over. I'm giving you permission to press the reset button. It's time to start a new game.

Why? Because you are trying to play the old game without taking into consideration that there are new rules and that my friend is what you call crazy. Any sane person would agree that if you're playing a game and the rules of the game change then essentially it's a new game and you have to play differently within the new rules.

If you haven't noticed recently, the rules have changed. Alright, maybe not all of them, but many have. Here's what I mean.

People's health insurance coverage has changed.
People's financial resources have have been strained due to fuel costs and mortgage payments.
People have less time than ever before which means they have to be much more careful with how they spend it.

Under these circumstances, it now makes sense to invest a little to save a lot.

People can no longer afford to get sick.

The new rules in America make room for a brand new story as it relates to health care. In fact, that's what's so exciting.

The saying is that health care is affordable; it's sickness care that's expensive.

So what do you say, isn't it time to press reset and do-it-over?

Perhaps you've got some fear about it all. Well, what if I told you that you didn't have to do it alone? What if you could learn from experts who have already made these transitions in their practices and are willing to share what they did right and what they did wrong, so you can avoid the unnecessary pain of trying to figure it out by yourself.

Wouldn't you like to learn how to do-it-over from doctors who have recently done it over and are doing better than ever?

Guess what? You can…

Due in part to new technologies you can now receive messages sent to you over the information highways and byways directly into your computer so you can learn whatever you want, whenever you want. Learn alone or train as a team, now you can listen to and train with America's top wellness doctors.

Accelerate your learning curve by learning from those who have done what
you want to do.
Reduce your risk of costly mistakes by learning the lessons these experts
have already learned.
Think about how much money you are losing each and every day you delay
the inevitable.

As my good friend, Dr. Ken Freedman says "there are no missed opportunities in life, you either make decisions and take action or you don't." There is always a way to create success in your life, you're either working toward it or you're not.

I say let's do it. It's your time. Let's work together toward your success. I've rallied the troops to support your efforts. I've collected a few of the world's top experts who created a program to help make your do-over as painless as possible.

I want you to imagine for a moment what it was like during the times when the British were under such pressure and control they couldn't take it anymore and got on a boat to an unknown world because anything had to be better than the conditions they were living under. So they sailed the flat earth to discover the land of the free, home of the brave, America.

And look at us now. Alright, well maybe not now. We don't look quite as good as we did a few years ago, but you get the point. A bunch of people pissed off about the conditions they were living under. They made a decision and end up discovering the promised land. They created a new game to play based on our inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Well, how bout it folks? What do you say, are you willing to take a journey to the new world where you get to experience the freedom you know you truly deserve? Are you interested in teaching the world how to play a new health care game based on people's inalienable right to express their innate potential?

Let me get to the point already. A bunch of really talented doctors worked together with the simple desire to help you achieve greater success in you practice and in your life. That's it, pretty simple.

I guess I should tell you what exactly it is that I'm referring to…

Welcome to Discover Wellness Training

Discover Wellness Training is a brand new technology and method of training traditional doctors seeking to transform their practices into profitable wellness centers.

Our world-class faculty has enthusiastically joined forces to share their proven secrets in one convenient online training center. A member's only exclusive membership for professionals passionate about making a positive difference in the world.

As a member you'll have unlimited 24/7/365 access to the Members Area training center so that you and your staff can learn from and train with America's top wellness doctors.

You'll Discover:

Their secrets to success
Their worst mistakes
Their patient education systems
How they consistently attract new patients
How they keep staff excited, motivated and organized
Their simple office procedures
How they achieve clinical certainty
How to become an employer's greatest asset.
How to speak to employers so employers will listen.
How to earn thousands of dollars teaching others to discover wellness.
The most advanced technologies the top wellness centers use to serve more people, faster, better and with less effort than ever



21-day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Register right now for the low price of only $597 to listen to the valuable information America's Top Wellness Doctors have to offer you. Click, listen and learn from these experts many who have built multi-million dollar wellness centers. If you are not completely satisfied with the program ask for a refund within 21 days and you will receive 100% of your money back.
You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Register now, listen to the information. You will either
love it and it will transform your practice and your life
or you won't. You have nothing to lose.

There's absolutely no risk whatsoever.



Frequently Asked Questions


What is taught in each of the 5 modules?

Module 1 is about The New Mindset of a Successful Wellness Professional where you will learn how to discover your vision and reignite your passion for a compelling new future. Specific strategies and powerful exercises will help you define how to best get from where you are to where you want to be.

Module 2 is about how you can Discover Your Wellness Center Brand. Learn what a brand is and how not paying attention to yours will cause you constant pain and frustration. Most importantly, you'll finally unlock the door to financial freedom and welcome an abundance of ideal new clients.

Module 3 is about How to Position Yourself as a Wellness Leader in Your Community. Learn how you can develop a reputation for being The Wellness Doctor in your community. You will learn how to grow your income and your impact. There are simple step-by-step instructions that will show you how to shine the spotlight in the 4 places your ideal clients are hiding.

Module 4 is about Office Procedures from America's Top Wellness Centers. You'll be able to listen to exactly what America's top doctor's say to their patients and how they say it. You'll have access their office forms, you can even download them and personalize them as your own. Training your staff and updating your office procedures has never been easier than this.

Module 5 is about Clinical Skills From America's Top Wellness Doctors. Learn directly from the most accomplished and successful wellness doctors in the world. Imagine telling your clients about the exciting new things you are learning by training with Lance Armstrong's chiropractor. What are they going to tell you, they don't believe in you? Who's got better outcomes and results than Jeff? Our clinical faculty is made up of world renowned experts, who are waiting to share what they know with you. Discover your wellness center right now and you'll be training with them in a few short minutes from right now.

Plus there are tons of bonuses waiting for you as well. Never again will you be short of answers or solutions. The only question is how ready are you to achieve your success? The systems, strategies and solutions are ready and available whenever you are.

Because I've answered your questions, click here to register now!

How much will it cost?

$597. That's it.

Because I've answered your questions, click here to register now!

How does the payment plan work?

Make 3 easy payments of $199 and you receive instant members-only access to your exclusive professional wellness training center.

The first payment is made today and the second and third payments automatically come from your credit card account (Visa, MC, AMEX or Discover) in 30 day increments.

Because I've answered your questions, click here to register now!

How fast will I get access to the course materials after registering?

Minutes after you register you will receive your username and password. Once you do, you'll have instant private access to our Members Area so you can be training with the best in just a few minutes from right now.

Because I've answered your questions, click here to register now!

What's the first thing I should do after registering?

As soon as you receive your User Name and Password to your Members Area, you are encouraged to listen to "Dr. Jason's Quick Start Training Audio."

The Quick Start is like having an experienced tour guide show you how to go directly to the treasures your looking for most.

Because I've answered your questions, click here to register now!

Can my staff, spouse and associate also access my Members Area?

Yes, each paid registrant is welcome to invite their staff, spouse and associate doctors to access the Members Area, in fact we totally encourage you have your entire team access the Members Area, often.

It's simple… our goal is for you and your team to actively use this training center to achieve unprecedented results and massively positive impact in your community. We fully realize that the more successful you are with this training program the more people you will share it with, that's a very good thing for us.

Because I've answered your questions, click here to register now!

Do I have 1-on-1 personal coaching opportunities?

Of course, our experts and faculty offer a variety of additional services, trainings and coaching programs. The Resource Center will have complete details and contact information for how you can continue your work with our team.

Because I've answered your questions, click here to register now!

Should I register even if I don't have my own practice yet?

Yes! The only thing that's easier than transforming your existing practice into the profitable wellness center of your dreams is to start it right the first time. It's common I hear doctors tell me they wish they had heard this information early on in their careers, before they invested so much time, effort and money.

As one of my good friends, marketing expert Alex Mandossian, likes to say, the only thing worse than going in the wrong direction is going in the wrong direction, enthusiastically. What you learn at the Discover Wellness Training Center will be invaluable to you. We priced it so low that no body in their right mind could possibly say no. We want as many people as possible to be able to use this information to succeed.

Because I've answered your questions, click here to register now!

What is the Discover Wellness Training refund policy?

If you are not 100% enthusiastically thrilled with the content we provide. Let us know within the first 21 days and we'll give you a full refund with only 3 questions asked… here they are:

  1. What happened?
  2. What should have happened?
  3. How can we make it right?

If you still want a refund after that, you'll get it with no additional questions asked.

Because I've answered your questions, click here to register now!

How do I become a Discover Wellness Training Affiliate Partner?

When you sign up as a Discover Wellness Training Affiliate you can earn $100 for each time you recommend this training to others.

Because I've answered your questions, click here to register now!

I'm willing to bend over backwards to share with you all the valuable content waiting for you in our exclusive Wellness Training Center, because I know these methods work. They have a proven track record because others are already using them effectively to…

Decrease their dependence on third party reimbursement
Decrease the amount of time spent justifying their care to administrative assistants with trigger-happy Denial stamps.
Accelerate their personal wealth and financial freedom.
Decrease their staff time and stress time on wasteful paperwork.
Finally take charge of their businesses, once and for all.

You'll receive private access to these and dozens of other advantages… minutes after you register.

Click here right now to start training with America's best.

I've got a few more guarantees for those of you who have still not yet decided that it's time to not just change seats on the Titanic, but time to get onto that sweet little speed boat and motor as quickly as you can to the promised land.

But for those of you who are still questioning this program, yourself or me, let me mention just a few more things.

No Experience is Necessary: What you will learn in the Members Area will help you turbo charge your success. As the saying goes "a smart person doesn't make the same mistake twice, a wise person learns from others mistakes and moves on to make new ones."
Implementation is simple. One of the most common reasons doctors hold back from implementing effective new strategies in their practices is the emotion of overwhelm. So many doctors are so busy working in their practices, that they feel to overwhelmed to try to work on them. Our Quick Start Guide and Easy Learning Technology make learning and implementing quick and easy.
You don't necessarily have to do more, in fact you may be able to do less. Doctors often confuse growth with working harder. When you view yourself as a highly skilled technician you equate growing your practice with more stress. Our team of experts will teach you how to do less to get more. You will learn how to work smarter. You will learn exactly what to do, what tools to use and how to explain what you do to people so you are more effective and more profitable in less time.


Ready to take the first step to freedom?

The only way to get there from here is to take one simple step. That's all it takes, just one. Once you've taken that first step you realize how easy that was and you realize that you are more than capable of taking just one more step and then another and another. That's what you will learn in this exclusive training, how to take one step at a time to get where you want to go.

So, are you ready to take that step? If you realize that good enough, isn't, and that the path you are on at the rate you are going is just a collision course with inevitable disaster then let's take that next step together. Go ahead click on through to the other side.

Remember, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed*.

Bonus Gifts


Bonus A: How To Become An Employers Greatest Asset: The Chief Wellness Officer

Value: $495

If you want to learn how to speak to employers so employers will listen, than you will love the valuable content in this power package of information. This one bonus alone can earn you more than 10 times your initial investment in this entire training.

Bonus B: Multiple Sources of Wellness Income

Value: $495

Discover some of our favorite strategies to supplement your income while accelerating the growth of your core business. You're going to learn to love the Internet and how easy it can be to build financial stability through automated activities.

Bonus C: The Wellness Center Training Tool Kit

Value: $297

This is the tool kit that should be kept under lock and key, because of how much value it offers busy staff. You'll be shocked at how much time you can save sot that your staff can have more time to focus on continued growth and development. You won't believe all of the scripts, audios, forms and more…

Bonus D: Taking It To The Next Level

Value: $79

Once you get the hang of all of this stuff and you've given yourself some time to see things work well, you're going to find that you're ready to take it to the next level. You'll learn from some of the most popular instructors in the world. This special bonus focuses on what you can expect to experience when you are ready to take it to the next level and who you should contact to make it happen.

Bonus E: Advanced Marketing Secrets and Lead Generation Systems for Wellness Professionals

Value: $79

We're ready to share with you some of our secrets to success so that you too can automate your lead generation and follow up education systems. We'll be staying on the cutting edge and sharing what we learn with you each step of the way.

Bonus F: Discover Wellness: How staying healthy can make you rich

Value: $59

Enjoy reading or listening to the national bestseller that inspired this training.

Bonus G: Discover Wellness Recommends (Members Only
Resource Center)


We'll let you know what we like and why we like it. You'll discover who we like to work with and why. You will quickly learn to love and appreciate your new best friend, this proprietary list of recommended products and services will save you cash and buy you time.

Bonus H: Discover Wellness Mastermind Center


As the author of Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill says " A Master Mind is the harmonious alliance of two or more minds that create a friendly environment to gather, classify and organize new information for fast and effective implementation."

Who can say it any better than the Elvis of the prosperity movement, Napolean Hill. And how would we even begin to put a price on it? One thing I do know is that you will value it, forever.

Extra Value Bonus: Special Events fun, food and fellowship


Whenever I'm on the road attending seminars we look to have special members-only gatherings. What a powerful time it will be for all of us working toward a common vision and common goal to get together for fun, food and fellowship.

I look forward to being with you at our exclusive members-only gatherings and listening to your achievements and hearing about your next steps.

Surprise Bonus gifts from our friends and alliances

I'll work on getting all my friends and alliances to give my members the very best opportunities in the industry. If a good deal is to be had, I'll do my best to get it for you. Let's just call these a surprise for right now.


$495 + $495 + $297 + $79 + $79 + $59 + priceless + priceless = $1504


Ok at this point you just need to make a decision already…

It's my hunch that if you've read this far, even if you've just skimmed through the copy the fact that you are reading this at the very end of this long and extensive series of explanations and testimonials you are probably very very interested in what is being said here, otherwise you wouldn't be here reading this right now. You'd be visiting other websites that would be best that others don't' know that you like to visit. And yet you're still reading this one.

So you might as well stop holding yourself back from the success you deserve and just click here right now so that you can get started building the wellness practice of your dreams in just a few minutes from now versus waiting weeks, months or even years before you realize the inevitable and start doing then what you could be doing right now. It's time you start taking action to change.

Well, thanks for being interested enough to make it to the end, which I hope is only the beginning of the new chapter in your life titled: It's my life and I'll fly if I want to.

I look forward to hearing about your successes,

Stay healthy | Be rich,

Dr. Jason Deitch, Chief Instructor
Discover Wellness Training

Click here to get instant access to the training that you're guaranteed to love or your money back.